Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Letter Home 11/18/09

OK so elder escalante es de salvador. he has 21 months in the mission field and that means he has 2 changes left. its hard to have to plan and everything he doesn't know our investigators and he knows nothing about the area except we cant go down a street. there is this huge prostitute thing in our area. but besides the point. we are going to work if i can help`it this change and as long as were together if that means that i send 2 missionaries home in a row than were going to work. its hard and we didn't work that hard the last week of last change. he had me on divisions and had a party on our house and stuff. so its a little ridiculous but whatever.

this is new change. our investigators are doing good. familia duarte we are going to place a fecha with and get them ready for baptism we are thinking about the first week in December for them and same time roughly for Orlando. he is ready and stuff its just hard to get him to talk clearly so i am lost a lot when he is talking but its all good, familia laines is not progressing they said they received answers about joseph smith and the plan of salvation but they wont come to church they say they will but when we pass by to pick them up there is always an excuse. so were not sure what to do to help them with. they need to act to gain that faith and take a step. they assist a different church at least one of the sons and the mom but its hard to work through that.

love you all elder price

that's awesome about tucker. get me his email or something to write him. that's way cool. but he has to wait a long time like i did so that kinda sucks.

so my new comp is from salvador. he speaks pretty good English and stuff so its easier but its not going to help my Spanish. i have heard that your second change the language like doubles so we will see what happens with that. but he has 21 months in the mission and only 2 changes left so i will either leave after this change or I'm going to send him home. not sure how that's going to be he seems kinda baggy but we will see we have only been together for a couple days.

you have a cooking club??? that's probably the lamest thing i have ever heard of. all you do is get together and cook??? i hate to tell you but your getting but I'm sure its fun and the food has to be really good, right...

why is caleb and josh playing football with the elders? how do they play. who else is their age..i was looking for a name on the ward list i have from home and i don't know anyone in our ward..its crazy.

OK so this week not much happened we had a conference with all three missions that cover the cap so north central and south. i saw some guys from the ccm which was cool and stuff like that. i went on divisions after that and hung out with valladolid. he came in with me.but he freaking didn't go to the ccm he was in the mtc for 2 and a half weeks. i talked to a dude on cocaine. at least my comp says he was on cocaine. but other than that nothing happened. everything is going by fast. there are so many people that we can help and not enough time to do it all. but its all good. love you all

elder price

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