Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Letters Home 11/3/09

what up. so nothing super exciting happened this week we have two people that committed to baptism now we just have to set a date. we need to figure out what is happening with this familia duarte and finish teaching them so they can but there is the problem of the abuelo, he is super evangelico and has a lot of "questions" but its hard. he is hard to understand and stuff but then there are people that i can talk to and have a conversation with. so its off and on with the Spanish depending on the person and how hard i concentrate on losteninga instead of translating. when i try to translate i lose it but when i just listen i understand more. but yea that is about it. love you

elder price
ok so we got some pics. my ccm district my comp the volcano is antigua and my district in the mtc

well there are a lot of different things that are good about the language for the most part i feel down about the language but its just going to take time. i know its going to come and i know that i have only been here for a couple months but its just that I'm not happy with where I'm at i just am not satisfied with what i have i just want to talk. its all good though i think its coming along good. i can communicate what i need to inside of the gospel.

the weather is cold right now in the nights. i am hot during the day but when the sun goes down its cold it has been raining the last couple of days and its freaking cold. but its not bad. we were walking in the rain and we looked like we just jumped in a pool.

i cant trust any missionaries anymore though we had a 2 zone p day yesterday and i left my stuff in a room in the church with other stuff of other missionaries and money is gone but its all good its more the fact that i cant leave my stuff with other missionaries. but whatever.

my comp is from Honduras he is getting ready to go home but we are still working and everything. his name is elder mendez. he doesn't speak english. i love it here its a lot different here but its a blast. so we were walking to the bus for our area and we crossed the street and we have to cross another street to get to the bus and when we were standing there 4 guys were going to the opposite side and i saw this dude get nailed by a suv. he flipped in the air and landed with his head on the ground it was insane. it was so crazy to see. but we were just standing where that guy was hit. so wow...but i love it here other than the crazy drivers.

love you elder price

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