Monday, October 26, 2009

Letters Home 10/26/2009

The first is mine that I got from you can see not much!

hey i had problems with my email and the freaking computer deleted it when i went to send it so I'm out of time love you

its all good that you
have been busy. you didn't talk about your new calling though. so what is up with that?? how is it going. how are the missionaries in the ward? are they as good as elder yates and keir??

me and my comp are good. its getting easier to talk to him and stuff so that is good. we work together as well as we can with the difference in language and stuff like that. there are a lot of things that are just
different in jokes and athings that i don't understand but its all good.

my area is good its my first one so i
don't know what is up with the difference and stuff like that. but we cover 4 colonials and 2 are pretty ghetto so we try not to go there at night but if we have appointments and stuff we just don't contact. the people are different here. back home its like i don't care what you have go away. here its like that but they don't tell you that they just make appointments and than we never see them again. some might come around if we go by enough but they are willing to talk for the most part.

Spanish is getting better. i think. but its still hard to catch every thing. depending on the person i can catch like 50 to 60 percent. its just the accent and how well they pronunciate. its getting better but than when they start talking about stuff outside the gospel I'm lost completely. its just going to take time.

what do you mean more comfortable with the area?? i
know pretty much where everyone that we need lives if that is the question...

the weirdest thing i have eaten is a
platino. its similar to a banana at least that's what it looks like a giant banana. but they fry it in oil and its weird but i like it. i haven't really had anything to weird to eat i ate sometning that turns your pee red but i don't what it is called.

we have a couple families and than a couple individuals, so its good. one family is really close to baptism which is way cool to see.

love you
elder price

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