Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19, 2009

ok so that is awesome that it was good. this week has been good. i had divisions this week with my zone leader, he is in my district and needed a baptismal interview so it was fun, i learned a lot and he can speak english so that was a relief. im not sure what is better though cause when were teaching i can ask him a word or how to say something which is nice but at the same time im more likley to remember the word if i have to look it up and not be able to say it. i like the fact that i have to speak in spanish its hard but its getting easier to talk to him which is legit. the language is getting better i think but im not sure. when the spirit is strong its a lot easier to understand but there are some people that are just hard to understand anyway. they mumble and dont pronounce the words. my comp is good, we get along good, its hard to be around him when he is with other latinos but i heard thats normal. he tries to show off and stuff, we have a ward of like 100 people that assist so its all good, the members are awesome. we have appointments with them sometimes and there all way good. im eating a lot of different things the weirdest thing that i have had the trouble of eating is straight tomatos but there actually pretty good. i realized that a lot of things that i didnt like i never really tried. but a normal meal is black beans and something else. for breakfast we eat eaggs. we have a member that we pay and makes us breakfast and lunch. they are an awesome family. well about the street vendors we arent supposed to eat off the street but it smells so good and its so cheap. we need to stop doing it but we dont eat dinner a lot of the time and its hard to walk past them and be hungry its no excuse but its the best food i have eaten so far.for laundry the suegra of the obispo does the laundry so we take it ob¡ver there and she does it for us. it takes a couple days so we take it over there like 2 times a week. the bishop is an awesome man though. its different here. the secretary to the bishop is 18. so its weird seeing people that are younger thatn me being so active in trhe affairs of the ward. if we need to go somewhere in our area we walk but if we go to district or zone things we take busses. the busses are insane. but they are so fun. we have a mission rule that we cant be on busses unless we are all the way in the bus. its weird. we can walk from one end to the other in like 20 minutes walking fast. yea we are in guatemala city. its hard i can look out my front door and see the volcano that is 30 minutes away that at the base is antigua yet in another mission so we cant go there. but guatemala city is pretty big. its nice, we ae in the zone that all the shopping is and stuff like that. its the nice part. its weird that people stare at me because im white though the little kids especialy are shocked to see a gringo. but its all good its just not common. so we have a family that is really close to baptism and it is awesome cause we found this family during this change so its not like the missionaries have been teaching them forever. i dont know its hard to explain but its awesome. love you all.
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