Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Seth Leaves the MTC

Yesterday Seth finished his training at the Guatemala MTC and entered the mission. We had gotten a letter from the MTC mission president and didn't expect to hear from him until next week and today were very excited when we both got an email from him. Here they are.

Seth is the first row of Elders behind the Sisters 2nd from the right.

OK so i already wrote dad so you know that my comp is a native who doesn't speak English, its difficult but i can talk as long as he remembers to speak slow. Its funny for him and slightly frustrating for me, but its all good.

there are 2 other elders in my zone from my group. I'm not sure whats up with the elders they seem to be messing around a lot cause we all do Internet together but whatever, its weird. I just want to work but we have some district meeting. I have never been in a cold shower before today, either I'm stupid or there is no hot water and I'm guessing there is no hot water but i am not that intelligent. The city is super dirty, there is trash everywhere but i think that is just a sign of a third world country. buses and stuff are insane they barely stop. its intense. I got an email thing from Lopez I'm not sure if that's what he was talking about but i got something.. I'm going to try to figure how to send pictures but don't count on anything. love you
elder price

OK so that piece that the camera connects to is broken so no pics. sorry
yea it wont go into the camera so i don't know if the inside is broken or if its the connector. I'll probably end up buying another memory card. you can get a 4 gb for like 20 bucks. I just need to remember to not keep the memory cared in the camera or if i get robbed there are no more pictures. love you gotta go

One to David........

Hey, so its been a weird couple days, we woke up at 5 yesterday and left around 6, we met with president and had our interviews. I got a letter from Brad and Lopez that got sent here, so that was cool but its been intense. I was one of the few who has a companion that doesn't speak English. I'm in the city and have quite a bit of area. My area is called castillo lara. Its pretty legit but we haven't done any work yet, just set up everything cause with meetings we didn't get home till yea. I'm not sure what is happening.

Conference was awesome. throughout the whole thing I took notes and stuff and i got more out of this conference than any other that I have watched. I cant remember what else has happened this week. My companion is from Honduras and it sucks cause a lot of stuff is going down in Honduras with government right now. but he leaves in 6 weeks so I will most likely be in this area for a couple transfers which is cool. Its a lot different than the mtc. I have pictures but I'm not sure how to send them so computer skills are not good. Thanks for telling me about grandma and grandpa deacon.
love you elder price

This is a picture of the group that left the MTC yesterday. Some are headed for different missions in Guatemala, Honduras and 2 other central America countries.

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