Monday, October 12, 2009

Hey. So today is p day last week was just for email since we missed it and changes and everything. So I don’t really know what is happening. I have no idea what you all want to know.

Send pictures of the wedding and stuff. So pinnacle is actually doing good? That is awesome. I’m not sure what to say we teach and I basically testify only. Not much teaching they talk so fast that it’s hard to understand everything so i get sentences and that is about it. The members are really nice we have met a couple of them and stuff. So all the members think its hilarious that I don’t speak Spanish.

What questions do you have for me???

My companion, yea I like him. He is a good missionary and stuff its hard to talk to him and stuff and we both get confused when I try to talk to him. Oh so last night the lights went out while we were like 30 minute walk from home. So we had to walk home because we cant be out when the lights go off. So we saw people trying to plan how to rob us like 2 times last night so we went to a member’s house that is right across from us and I taught them a lesson. It was really good. Yea, but whatever, as long as we are worthy than its all good, we will be protected. Faith is an awesome thing. The lord knows what is happening. i don’t have anything on me that they want anyway. I have like no money and stuff so its all good. They can have a pamphlet and a book of Mormon. It’s hard right now but it gets better when i know what happening. i just need to learn the language. We found an awesome family to teach and stuff. They are so good. they came to church yesterday and are really interested. familia duarte. There are 2 kids 14 lillian and johnathan 11. Its awesome to see them.

Hey so i got an email from Lynnette about her mission and stuff. She wanted to know about the mtc. Its pretty legit, there is a lot of time to learn and be in class, the spirit is so strong there. Sundays in the mtc are awesome, there so different in the field, we worked through all Sunday except church, but its all good. It just doesn’t feel like Sundays. Is it English or Spanish mission? Utica New York. Where is phatella kid at? But it’s awesome. The food messes you up though. But its awesome

Love elder price

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