Monday, April 12, 2010

English Carta 4/12/10

ok so its going good. we are taking caution on the buses and are trying to be safe but the buses are crazy and i think that they are going to change the buses to be government ran so its going tobe safer and less problems. but its all good. we are very dependent on the spirit to help us be safe. but did you go on buses when you were in spain or what did you guys use mostly....just wondering if the buses were super crazy..but we are really trying to focus on finding nuevos investigadores but its hard in this area especially because the money..its a lot easier when they are poor. but im not sure if i have talked about rafael. he is an investigator that we taught and he quit smoking and is really pilas. but he is seperated and that is the only thing stopping him from progressing more. he is worried that if his wife comes back that she wont like the church, she is super catolica..but he knows its true he just needs to see that the church will make him happy. with or without his family he will be happy. but he is a super good guy, we talked about the palabra de sabiduria the other day and he went out with his friend after and he said he didnt take coffee but he doesnt know why. he just knows that he shouldnt and so he doesnt. he just does stuff that we tell him to do but he is always saying he doesnt want to join. he goes to church and completes with the mandamientos pero no se. that was a super long side note. we are trying tofind new investigators. hope everything is good in utah. love you
elder price

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