Monday, July 26, 2010

Letter to David 7/26/2010

thanks...that’s the house that Myron has the one that they lived in??? they never left?? they are a lot like the Guatemalan people it’s normal here to live with or next to your family for your whole life...its something i really like about Guatemala. they always are super close to their families...

but yea so what are you doing for work now you changed jobs and the last i knew you were doing stuff for the taxes of the states.. what do you do now??

yea things with my comp are good we are friends and stuff. there are days that not everything goes to plan but its not a big deal. we are good and are trying to do what is the best. so yea its all better but changes aren't till Wednesday. so i won’t know until tonight if I’m going or staying or what is happening. but with the filming they are all done and the finished product comes out in November for the world. from Brazil Guatemala England and Korea. so we will see but I’m not sure if it is just for the leaders or for I’m not sure what is happening.

but thanks for the story. love you
elder price

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