Monday, July 19, 2010

Letter Home 7/19/2010

well it sounds like you guys had fun. I'm not sure what a biting fly looks like. is it big?? we don't have those in Arizona do we?? I'm not sure. but this week was good. me and my comp just butt heads and stuff. it was not big and it was over before last p day. so not a big deal. its just hard for us to know where we are coming from but we are good.

so yea they are still filming and stuff. well i think yesterday was the last day maybe 1 or 2 some of them went home today and others go home on Wednesday. so its good. but they are good.

so what did you guys do with the family. I'm not sure what is happening with you all. it sounds like you all are changing. which is good. before we didn't do anything with family. so hey that is a good thing.

so what are you all doing for the summer. does Adam have a job yet or no...what is going to happen with Adam and baseball what position did he do at the camp everything or just outfield?? that's awesome though.

so send me the thing that you filled out for me. i want to know how you guys answered. love you

elder price

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