Monday, July 5, 2010

Letter to David 7/5/2010

ok so the new ward is starting to work because of this video thing that they are going to do with us...its weird. i guess before they didnt really do anything but now they want to start and stuff. so we are liking the change. but there are about 125 that normally come but we focused this last week and visiting and we had 156 people in the reunion sacramental. so i know that when we work with those that we have we see results. we are trying to focus on the families that are part member. they have a support and it helps reinforce the testimony of the rest of the family so its been good and we see that they are coming to church so we can baptize and reactivate which is good. it helps us and then it gives the members the abililty to help more cause they already know these people so its not like they dont know them. so its been good.
my new companion has almost 3 months on his mission. he is super new. so its good. he still is leaning what to do, so I’m put into a situation to show what to do. its not leadership but its good for me. I’m not so sure i know what to do sometimes...but its all good and we are working. he is from here totonicapan. a municipial called momostenango i think so its good.
love you
elder price

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