Monday, July 19, 2010

Letter Home 7/12/2010

yea she is in Utah. she had surgery and everything is good with that but she is recovering im not sure when they are coming back. right now one of the members of the area presidency is in charge of the yea tis all good. we had a mission fast and stuff.

so yea they are all filming us right now. they started on Saturday. its been good we had our baptism filmed which was scary for her but it was good when her father got there. he is super not into the church but she has the support of her uncle who lives in our ward. he baptised her. so yea not much new is happening here just chilling and stuff.

so what are you guys going to do fro the fam reunion. me and my companion got into a fight which needed to happen because we fixed it and its a lot better than it was before so it was good. we didn't hit just we are good. love you

so a couple of interesting things...
we wash our clothes by hand ill get a picture later....
and a question that i had. how did our family come to know the church well i know mas o menos how you did but how did dads family, just wanted to know so yea. love you
elder price

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