Monday, July 5, 2010

Letter Home 7/5/2010

Just a side note: Today marks his 11 months out!

OK so that is crazy that Tim is going out..he has all 9 weeks in the mtc right?
but its all good here we are doing good and working. Adam started writing which has been nice to hear from him its good to hear what is happening in his life from him. josh is still writing and stuff. so who is this lady that Hannah was with for the plane?? how did that go in the room with everyone elde. it is good that the parents were there if not problems happen.

so i hear that Jenna and Jared have friends. that's good to have people to do things with..

but today is a weird day . 11 doesn't feel that long for me. I'm almost half way done. that means that in no time I'm going to be home which is a scary thought because that means i have to do grown up things and the next steps in life don't sound that much fun...but i have time still..

no our water is still cold but its all good. I'm getting used to it so i don't scream in the showere anymore i just got faster at showering..its all good though. i love it and these experiences are super good to have.. i wouldn't trade anything for it. i just wish that it would go you

elder price

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