Monday, August 23, 2010

Letter to David 8/23/2010

hey pops I'm not sure what happened we went to a different Internet place than usual and that place was bad so I'm not sure what happened i sent an email to you guys so I'm not sure what happened with didn’t get anything last week from me i sent something to i think josh and mom for certain so huh that is weird. definitely not going back to that other place the normal one was that is weird.

so was a good day yesterday we went to an investigators house well it’s a family where not all are baptised yet. they invited us over to eat and then they had like a bunch of nonmember family it was good to talk about the church with their family...but they were celebrating a birthday and stuff with a pinata and all that...but they use the tipica clothes of i like that stuff I'm not sure if you know what I'm talking about. i forget what page its on but there is a picture in the learn your language section of preach my gospel and that is like tipica clothes I'm not sure what page but yea its cool stuff. im really liking all the Guatemala stuff. i think that I'm going to come back liking completely different things than when i left but i think that is good...llove you and missed your quote of the week...
elder price

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