Monday, August 2, 2010

carta 8/2

ok so my companion is still elder ajanel we didnt have changes so that is cool and stuff. but its weird here cause president still isnt back so im not sure what is happening. there is this really interesting kid that just started his mission and stuff this week he is in the zone and stuff but if you ask de donde es? dice peruano....entonces no se si el esta bromeando o es realmente este tonto. no sabe que estamos tratando a escribir y no podemos enfocar si el esta tratando a hablar con nosotros. que frustracion. pero yo y mi companero somos buenos trabajamos y el es mi amigo. es bueno a tner su companero como amigo. me gusta como estamos y todo horita. es un poco raro que tongo un ano este semana pero es no se differente que ya tengo un ano afuera de casa y todo.muchos cosas han pasado en este ano y no se no estoy para muchos pero todo esta bien yo se porque estoy aqui y que necesito se que estas haciendo no escribiendo en espanol....pero esta bien. espero que todo esta bien con ustedes. te quiero.

elder price

… but if you ask him where he’s from, he says he’s from Peru…the I don’t know if he is joking or is really that stupid. He doesn’t know we’re trying to write and we can’t focus if he’s trying to talk to us. So frustrating. But my companion and I are good workers and he’s my friend. It’s good be friends with your companion. I like how we are right now and all. It’s a little weird that I’ve been out a year this week, but it’s- I don’t know, different that I’ve already been away from home for a year and all. Lots of things have happened this year… it’s all good I know because I am here and I need to do…. I don’t know what you’re doing not writing in Spanish… but it’s okay. I hope everything is okay with you guys.

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