Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Letter Home 8/17/2010

OK well I'm not the most easy person to correct i think i get that from you so I'm not sure what is happening with that....I'm just a little easily frustrated its not that i am going to hit him or anything i think he feels that though i don't know why maybe its cause a tower over him and have a good 45 pounds on him I'm not sure. he has seen me mad and i think that has something to do with it too. but I'm not like super crazy or anyhting i just am normal and stuff. he just doesn't like correcting people.

in this year the thing that i have learned the most is that i am able to do anythig that i put my mind to. i have always heard that but i never really believed it. i never thought that i was going to learn Spanish but i talk in Spanish like all day cause my comp doesn't speak English he wants to learn but wont practice speaking. he wants to know how i learned Spanish and i tell him with the lord and by practicing its like the parable of the talents we have to be constantly working. if we bury our talent than we are not going to learn. i don't know i think that is the thing that i learned most this year. but now i just have to decide what i want to do and do it...

so yea its been a crazy year i don't know what this next year will bring but its going to be good and fast its crazy. i have like 8 changes left that is nothing.....I'm not sure what is happening with time but my whole perspective of time is completely different.there is not enough time in the days to do all that we need to do and than we are always struggling to come up with more time, if we cut this short that will give us more time to do this and this so to manage time also. that's something i have learned...

who is michelle farnswoth and why did i get an email from her....it was an elder thompson??? she sent me his email. do you know these people......

love you
elder price

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