Monday, August 9, 2010

Letter to David 8/9/2010

well this week is easy. we had a baptism so that was the best thing that happened this week. we baptized her on Saturday and we had a member do it that we were taking with us for noche de hogar (family home evening) and stuff like that so it was super good that he could baptize and then confirm her on Sunday. she was the only person in her family that wasn’t a member, she just never wanted to take the step. I don’t know what changed I think it was when we got the members involved. they gave her the support and friendship that she needed to do it and we had the opportunity to complete that family in the gospel...that was the best thing that happened this week...we are focusing on completing families right now. and get them to the temple. so I’m glad that it worked out.
I want to speak better Spanish I am really working on speaking right now. I think I’m getting better with the help of my comp but he doesn’t correct me he is super shy. He understands me and everything but I’m not sure that I’m always saying things right. I can understand pretty much everything so comprehension isn’t the problem I just need to be told that I’m not saying that right or this is a better way but I think that he is a little scared to correct me because let’s face it I’m not the most easy person to tell that I’m not doing something right so I’m not sure what I can do to change that first change my temper problem....
like I said we are teaching a lot of part member families because our mission is focusing on the complete families and get them to the temple. so we teach our 24 or 25 lessons a week and then we teach less actives and recent converts to get them to the temple for the recent converts and back to the church for the menos actives (less active) ....but we are doing good we are trying to find new investigators right now so we are trying to contact a lot so we will contact like anywhere from 180 to 200 people depending on the week how busy we are trying to set up stuff like this week it was less cause we were freaking out running around trying to set up this baptism get the interview and all yea it was a good week...
love you pops
elder price

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