Monday, September 6, 2010

Letter Home 9/6/2010

so this is a really good talk...everything is good with my comp but i think that we have changes and all that stuff but we don't know who is leaving or staying so I'm not sure i wish that they would tell us yesterday but they will call us tonight so it will be fun and all that stuff..

so yea Jared wrote Hannah wrote and dad wrote. so i know what is going on with them but Adam I'm not sure about. what is he doing now?? did he ever find a job or is that a lost cause?
so i know that it is 13 months but really there are only 4 milestones in the mission. 1. 6 months, 2. 12 months, 3. 18 months. 4. 2 years. so its not a big deal...i think tahat you are just crazy but the time is super fast. I'm not sure what is happening with changes but whatever happens it is good. there are reasons for everything i know that i will learn what i need to and all that jazz. well its good to hear from you. love you
elder price

the downward that is an interesting way to put it. do you have Tim's address for his mission?

Letter to David

OK so i agree that being happy is a state of mind but it sure helps when good things happen to be happy.

so yes there are changes this week but we find out tonight if we leave or not. so I'm not sure what is happening until tonight and than i leave or i receive my new companion Wednesday they changed how they did it like 2 or 3 changes ago. so yeah.....we will see what happens.

we have about 3 solid investigators. but we are going to baptise one of them in 2 weeks. on tahe 18 i think that is 2 weeks I'm not positive. so its good and stuff here we are constantly trying to find new investigators but we aren't finding. we teach but than they don't want to progress or they just never are home, or they are at home and have excuses..

labor day....not sure what that means for us but that is good to last zone conference we saw part of a movie. that movie i think its called facing the giants...the part where the kid has to carry the other one on his back across the field that part...we can do a lot more when we cant see. its easy to say no i cant do that.. that is too hard. but he couldn't see and he went the whole 100 yards. so i guess its easier to just work and not pay attention just rely on the lord and everything will be you pop
elder price

oh yea can you get me Tim's address...for his mission not email

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