Monday, September 27, 2010

Letter Home 9/27/10

well that means that i have to talk two times when i get home one in our ward and one in the branch with probably a teaching assignment in the branch too. i am pretty sure that is what Trevor's brother did when he got home from his mission if i remember right to Venezuela...but its all good at least i will be able to keep up with the Spanish and all that so that will be god.

his English is good but there are definitely things that are backwards when he talks and stuff i was talking to some of the other elders who are gringos and they were talking about how their families say that a lot of the time they don't write things how they are supposed to. do i do that because when we talk in English we see that stuff is wrong with what we say but its mostly the greenies that see it so what do you think do i write everything good??

i got a letter from Jared and Jenna and to my surprise i know what is up with them...... Hannah said something about you seeing Efrain Felix at qt how are they doing? where are they from?? Mexico or some other place?? so its good to here from all you all!

what is going on with the young mens and all that..president allen is still in as pres right?? since everything else is changing i just wanted to know if that had changed yet.

what do you mean that Caleb is just like me?? he was pretty normal and stuff when i left and i don't koiw if you could call me normal by any means.. so what do you people mean and i hope he gets to growing that kid was a legal midget when i left...but the brown ones are the shorter of the family.. Jared me and Caleb...Aaron Adam and josh are the bigger ones...

so this week was good we are working and stuff and we found a new family that we are trying to complete. the mom is a member and has been for a while but has not come to church in 8 years she showed up to church on Sunday and was like hky my name is lylian and i want you and your companion to come over for a noche de hogar. my daughter is 11 and not baptised well shoot when can we come over and where do you we are going over today in the night and stuff. that was my good week end. and i have conference to look forward to so its will be antoher good weekend. love you
elder price

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