Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Letter Home 10/18/2010

well i am taking care of myself. the lady is super crazy but is awesome. they are loud and crazy and remind me of home. but its all good, there are even little kids.

ok but so i found out what is holding back one of my investigators.....so the problem was that she needed to get married. but that problem was with papers. so we were like ok we will go get the papers and all that stuff all we need is your complete names. than she said oh well i actually already have my papers ok so we will go talk to bishop who is a lawyer and set up the marriage. uh elders yo no quiero casarme...or elders i don't want to get married...WHAT!!! why, well i can't tell you now i will tell you on Sunday when the kids aren't there...ok so i waited all week cause that happened on Tuesday.....Sunday comes around. after church i was like can we talk now...she was like ok so we went outside and she told us that she has a lot of problems with her boyfriend and that they are going to separate so i was like ok you know the importance of the family and how they are meant to be together, she was like yea. but he doesn't want me to come to the church and he is trying to stop me and stuff. oh well that is a little different so i was like ok well when i was a little mean but its better to do it fast than to live in sin....so than the other problem came out. if she kicks him out because they live with all her family that he will take their 2 kids. i have never had a situation like that mom what would you tell her?? i know nothing about that kind of problems...so help....

i love you and hope that everything is good for you guys

Adam emailed me...have a good week

elder price

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