Monday, October 11, 2010

carta 10/11

ok entonces mi semana fue un poco mal tambien no he mencionado ninguna cosa pero estos ultimos 2 semanas he estado enfermo no puedo hacer mucho y tengo un gran dolor de cabeza y mi garganta y todo pero esta bien mi toz esta mejorando...

ok entonces en esta mal noticia siempre estamos haciendo trabajo pero un poco meos este semana no tengo mucho energia peor no me importa. los miembros me dicen que la razon que no estoy mejor es porque no me cuida. me bano con agua fria y siempre estamos afuera. pero si..

ok este semana fue un poco lento por esto.....

que puedo tomar que es bueno para estos symptoms. trabajas en un farmacia que me puedes recomendar???

ok entonces miercoles,

despierto me lucho a salir de la cama. oro y voy al bano. me recoerde que el espejo se cayo y no tenemos mas que pedacitos. tenemos uj gran espejo pero no esta en el bano. uso el bano y todo de esto....salgo y trato a encontrar mi desayuno. siempre es lo mismo pues solo tengo dos opciones. avena o pankakes. pero mi pankake mix termino entonces queria hacer mis ejercicios. estudiamos. y vamos a trabajar. en la manana es bien lento solo estamos contactando. encontramos un hombre se llama edgar pero no es nuevo es un antiguo investigador, es loco tenemos citas por otros dias pero nadie bien pilas...vamos a almuerzo y el comedor siempre me dice que no me cuida y que quiere llamar a mi mama para decirle que tengo que cuidarme mas. nada mas paso solo visitamos otros en la noche y todo de esto. pero este es mi vida y realmente nada cambia mucho siempre visitamos y siempre estamos tratando a encontrar. te quiero

elder price

(I asked Seth to tell me about one single day from his week and tell me everything that happened that day…. That’s why he is giving weird details about his Wednesday)

Well my week was kinda bad too, I haven’t mentioned anything, but the last two weeks I’ve been sick and I can’t do much and I have a bad headache and my throat and all but it’s okay my cough is getting better.

Well even with this bad news we’re always doing work but a little less this week. I don’t have much energy but whatever. The members say the reason I’m not better is because I don’t take care of myself. I shower in cold water and we’re always outside. But ya…

So this week was kinda slow. What could I take that is good for these symptoms? You work in a pharmacy what could you recommend to me?

Okay well Wednesday.

I woke up and fought to get out of bed. I prayed and went to the bathroom. I remembered that the clock fell and all we have now are little pieces of clock. We have a big clock but it’s not in the bathroom. I use the bathroom and all of that… I leave and try to find my breakfast. It’s always the same, I only have two options. Oats or pancakes. But my pancake mix was gone so oats… I didn’t want to do my exercises. We studied and went to work. In the morning it was pretty slow, we were just contacting. We ran across a man named Edgar but he’s not a new contact, he’s an old investigator, he’s crazy (it’s crazy) we have appointment on other days but no one very good… We went to eat lunch and the cook is always telling me that I don’t take care of myself and that she wants to call my mom to tell her that I need to take care of myself more. Not much else happened, we just visit others at night and all that. But this is my life and really nothing changes much we’re always visiting and trying to find people.

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