Monday, October 11, 2010

that was a good talk i didn't get to hear all of it the first cut out during our session over her e the signal left. so it was good to read it...

so Columbus day what technically is that day celebrating??? when he supposedly landed in the Americas or what....

so i think that we don't get that Holiday off either, for one it is not celebrated here and 2 we don't get Holiday's off..just Christmas and just to talk to our families. so yea.

well its good to hear about everything that is happening at home it seems like everything is changing and if Jared cant recognize Caleb's voice i have no idea how i am going to be able to...jared talks to him like 1 a week or do they talk to them when you skype.

thanks for sending the package, i dont know what your talking about the ugly words in spanish. so yea haha. hey ave you heard from Tim?? how is he doing in Texas?? what is new with his family?? his dad in particular i remember you saying something about a change that started when Tim left. how is that going??

so this week was good I'm dying of sickness but I'm good a hermana in my ward wants to call you and complain how i don't take care of myself and you need to yell at me cause i don't that is news but i told her that you don't speak Spanish and she says that i am lucky ¡, but people are confused when i tell them that my family only speaks English they all want to know where i learned my its either that they are being really nice or my Spanish is actually that makes me feel somewhat good. little kids are the worst i said that i have a dog in Arizona, and a little boy of like 6 or 7 years asked me, and it understands English??? i was confused and said yea she understands English she doesn't speak but she understands. he was thinking that all dogs understand Spanish and not English...i was trying not to laugh. so yea.

make sure you are doing your family home evenings and reading the book of Mormon as a family. make the house a place where the spirit can be but not just where it can be but where it is. if there is problems the spirit will work on you all and everyone will want to change. nothing can happen until we want to change. if we are forced to it is not changing. just doing what you want. everyone will be OK. i love you and know that you worry too much but normally these feelings are right.

tell Adam to write me .

elder price

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