Tuesday, November 2, 2010


ok so just to clear something up in guatemala we only use suits on sundays adn for meetings like zone conference or when we go to the temple im not sure but im glad that its like that....its either sunny or raining.
so yea, how are things going in byu?? anythimg crazy. so what time were you in spain? did they have any festivls or celebrations during you time there??
it seems weird to me, to be here and doing all this stuff. its awesome to be on a mission but i dont understand why all this is so interesting to you guys it eems prety normal to me, i hve 15 months this week and its like how do i say that.....estoy acustumbrdo a ser un misionero. everyhitng is going good the language is good and i understand everything that i have to teach and its just that sometimes its shocking to realize taht you guys think the smallest detail issignificant.
ok so a col experience....we wre contacting in the cemetary. and it was time to go, we were suposed to meet up at 2 and it was 2 15 but i still had a folleto. so i saw a girl like 20 or something it was a thing were it possibly could have been her daughter or her sister i dont know.. but i gave her a folleto and left. but when we were looking for everyone esle we were walking and than that same girl was in front of me....i had a prompting to talk to her so i did. she had been looking through the folleto and she thought that it was really interestingg. so i took her info and the missionaries are going to stop by. i should have opened my mouth the first time instead of being in ahurry....but i thought of that scripture in doc and covenants its not good to run by when there are people who we could talk to...lvoe you
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