Monday, November 8, 2010

Letter Home 11/8/2010

OK first thing first.......yesterday i was sitting in bed just thinking and the phone rings...we got new phones like a week ago or something like that so we don't have any phone numbers form the mission..i answered and it was weird i recognized the voice but there was something off. he was speaking in English and was like is elder price there i was like this is elder price...oh elder price this is president alvarado. oh well hi president. como esta. than we switched to Spanish but he asked me where i was from i told him arizona and he said oh well that's what i thought and that is why i was confused..there was a man that talked to me today from Michigan that says he knows your parents i was like well i was born in Michigan and lived there till i was 7, oh well that makes more sense...he wanted to meet with you and tomorrow is p day so i said that would be ok..he gave me this number...i couldn't remember his name it was different, really norht i called him and he wanted to get together today and stuff so i was like ok. but he dodnt know what time so he was supposed to call me this morning at 9. he called at 9 30 and said he was tring to get a ride to the office of the mission and would call me back. he never called back so i called the number again and some lady said that she doenst know who i want to talk to and i couldn't remember his name so here we are i tried t get a hold of this guy but I'm not sure what happened...he never called back and i don't know his name to really look for I'm not really sure what is happening with that...sorry

OK so this week we had zone conference. it was interesting and stuff. I'm almost positive that i have never had a zone conference like that. this new missionary that we have well its a couple...they are crazy he was a public motivational speaker and is trying to help with the enthusiasm in the he had a board with like 5 balloons on it and a dart. he picked someone to throw the dart and the balloons had a name in each one and the name of one of whoever got called had to go up in front of everyone and demonstrate being enthusiastic. well you know me I'm not the most enthusiastic person..well my name was in the first balloon that got popped. so i had to go up there and teach a principle being enthusiastic in 30 seconds. i wasn't enthusiastic enough so i did it than he made me do it again and than he said sit down and talked for a minute. than said OK everyone give a round of applause and i had to do it i ended up yelling and sounding like a baptist preacher i felt weird that we were clappping and yelling in the chapel but it was actually really fun...a lto different than usual...

but yea that was the main thing that happened in my week and divisions with my zl that is crazy..nothing really new. love you
elder price

hey so i got the other letter about all the details and stuff. i think its cool to about your mission and the rain so i can understand why you like to hear details now..

ok so i told mom abotu what happened with the guy and stuff but brief overview..he talked to president alvarado adn gave his number to him so i than got the number and stuff from president and called him he was supposed to call this morning and tellme wahtr time to be at the office but he never called so that is was happened...but yea now im feeling fine, i ate something the other night and got sick but it was jsut the night. i threw up adn than felt better and took some pills that my comp gave me and felt better but that was about it....

we are doing good we found like 10 new families this week and havent had time to go to all of them we contacted in a grocery store which was an idea from my dl adn it worked really well we hear normally trhe same excuses and its easy to tell when they are not interested because they start lying adn just going through a list of excuses starting from im busy to im they jsut list off the same old pretty sure its universal..sometimes i think that they are all taking classes in there churches to know what to say to "get rid of us" but when they really dont watn to talk we dont force them we calim the privledg of worshipping almighty God according tothe dictates of our own consiounce and allow all men the same privledge, let them worship how where or what they may...i thik igot it right.

yea so im doing good and really focusing on what to do and whta to do better. but yea, i have a question about i guess you can call it doctrine. so is it wrong to eat the sacrament bread after that has been blessed?? i saw that yesterday and i dont hink that it is right but what can i do if the bishop is the one doing it???so jsut a question that i wasnt sure about. love you pop
elder price

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