Monday, January 18, 2010

Letter Home 1/18/10

OK so this week we had divisions with our zone leaders after zone conference so its been a weird week we had p day so not much time to work in the night, Tuesday we had district meeting so that takes up time, Wednesday we had zone conference and interviews after. so we were busy then i got back to my area on Friday morning so its been a weird week but we found like 6 new investigators which was good. its good to find new people. but they told us that we were doing divisions after zone conference so i didn't have anything with me like clothes or deodorant or contacts so it sucked but it was good. its good to change it up and learn what other people do. as of right now my ward is kind of hard we have 3 people leaving on missions but 2 were pretty involved in the ward functioning. so we will see what happens with that. but not much else is new with us. its just normal now. so I'm not sure what to tell you. but that's funny about Aaron. what was he hunting? but yea love you all
elder price

*****I replied to the above email fast and asked questions about the earthquake that Bishop had called to tell us about here are his responses to that*********

calmate, al suave. everything is good. there was like a tiny one that we felt but nothing fell over nothing moved there were some light poles moving but nothing serious. chill out.

no everything big is happening in Haiti. a member told us a bout it and showed us some pictures. its crazy. but i guess something happened in puerto rico tambien. in Guatemala its pretty chill. i was asked a question the other day about you. the question was what does your mom say to you when she sees all the crazy stuff that happens here?? do you know what happens here?? i don't know if you do or not....

its all good though. but nothing happened here. i got to go, love you
elder price

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