Monday, January 11, 2010

Letter Home 1/11/10

I asked him 10 questions and his letter answers those.
1. How are things with your companion?
2. Are you able to work together?
3. What is the weather like? Are you cold?
4. Who does your laundry?
5. How are you eating? And what are you eating?
6. Do you live in a house or an apartment?
7. How do the people treat you?
8. What is the best thing about being on a mission?
9. Are you writing in your journal?
10. Are you studying Spanish more?

His letter

its good with my comp.we are trying to stay busy but as the days go by he just seems to get slower and slower. not sure what i can do to help him but I'm doing my best. he is looking forward to go home in 4 weeks more. its getting frustrating at times but if we plan well its a lot easier to work. i just have to start planning.

its really cold in the mornings and in the nights. but during the day its hot. not sure what is up with the weather. just trying to deal with it but I'm really not used to cold. at least its not snowing.

our bishops mother in law does the laundry for us we pay her and she does it. it takes a couple of days to do cause drying time and stuff like that. its all hang dried.

we eat in our comedor breakfast and lunch and for dinner we eat at members house but not every night i eat a lot of pan cause its cheap and there are panaderias everywhere. so its all good but i think I'm getting fat and losing my hair. when i do my hair or something i get hair all over my hands so I'm freaking out a little bit.

its a house but we have half of it the owners live below us on the bottom level. its all good though. we don't see them a lot and we have an entrance

depends on the people some don't like gringos but others do and the members like us so yea. just depends how do people like you? people are people...

the best thing about being on a mission is the time to study Ive come to appreciate the scriptures a lot more
every night i write something in my journal

Spanish is more difficult but I'm trying to study more. its getting easier to understand but i have a long way to go.

hey i want a jump rope. if that's I'm pretty sure that i have one somewhere at home if you could find that. other that that i don't think that there is anything

so what is happening at home. are the kids at school i just sent josh an email. so yea. how is everything???

love you all.
elder price

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