Wednesday, May 11, 2011

carta 5/11

i think that the guatemalan people have helped me be more sensitive to how people are in general...they have really opened my eyes on what it means to see what they are doing or how they are and to be able to help them...but at the same time they have helped me realize the importance of studying...i have seen people who have nothing and its all because of what they are doing in their life or better said is what they aren’t doing...they drop out of school and then they want to know why they live like they do...i know that its a lot easier in the states to be more intelligent and just we have more opportunities in our lives..its true....but work is important i don’t know if that is the mission or the guatemalan know what i not sure in if that answers your question I’ll put more thought into it and give you a better answer next week...i love you and hope you’re doing good....
elder price

ps so i met a bunch of students from byui today they were on some trip through mexico to guatemala and then to beliz and they stopped at the temple which I just walked out of today in the morning....temple is awesome by the cool....

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