Monday, March 7, 2011

2/28/11 To David

ok so this week i had changes....i am in a new area with a new comp and that is fun....he is actaully called elder neilson..from california...good guy relativly new in the mission...only like 7 months...good guy strong testimony...we are having fun and working it was an interesting week wiht all the stuff that went down wiht being sick and than changes saying goodbye to investigators and stuff like we were trying to set u and activity its like a free paca i kow that you have no idea of whta a paca is but its like a garage sale except they bring clothes from the states its like goodwill or soemting like that but on ascale miniature....its weird but what we were going to do in my last area i set it up so i dont know what is going to happen is that they are going to ask lcothes form members i think that everyone has stuf that they dont wnatand if you are in an area that is less money htey all need stuff and there are always people who have some money i have noticed that the members usually are part of the wealthy side normally...but we get a bunch of clothes from the members put up flyers and than basically have classes that they show up at the church we teach them and take their info than tehy are able to take some stuff from the paca...i have talked to some other elders who have found some super sick people doing that....but yea....we will see what is going to happen...i was talking to my comp and he said that they were teaching a kid and the only reason that he wasnt baptised was becasue he is afraid of water so we went to talk to him and set a fecha bautismal...i think that he will go through with it his family are members menos active so they are starting to come to church they came a couple weeks of ago i guess....they want to come that should be good....and i left another baptism in my last that would have been cool....but yea pops i love you...
elder price

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