Monday, March 7, 2011

Response to David

I had asked him about his current area, his companion and about what he would do differently as a young man (deacon, teacher, priest) if he had a "do over".

ok pop first of all....yea im in el paraiso or if its easier you can translate it to english companions name is elder neilson, i know its harder to remember but its always good to feel special....

ok so what i would have done diferently. ask God if the church is true at an earlier age. you can't really do anyitng until you have that testimony...also read the scriptures more...they are awesome. there is so much goodness in there. i have come to really love reading in my mission...why did i waste so much time before....i will tell you someting that i don't really want to i woke up and said it's p-day i will sleep i went back to sleep i know it was stupid to do but i laughed when i woke up and couldnt go back to sleep i felt like i was in bed forever i looked at the clock and it was 7:05....i felt bad after but i thought it was funny that i now can't sleep in....i wasted a lot of time sleeping before. how much more productive could i have been....time is a whole other thing i wish that i had woken up earlier and made habits of reading the scriptures everyday...i dont know what you pop
elder price

quote of the week
if we want to get wet, we have to get in the water. if we want to recieve revelation, we must go where revelation will fall. we must be where we should be and be doing what we should be doing...
jose santiago castillo

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