Monday, March 7, 2011


ok so i will tell you a story....i got hom last monday i was feeling super bad after playing basketball i know i went to play sports after feeling bad in the morning but its the only time that i can play sports so i went to do it....i decide that i dont want to eat so we go home i was planning on just showereing and than going to sleep i was in the shower and than i freaked out.. my heart rate jsut shot up i felt like it was trying to come out of my chest and it was like everything was speeding up it was super crazy im not sure what happened it was like i was running and i couldnt catch my breath...not i called the nurse and than was like hey this this and this are happeing....she was like come in the the office so i got dressed and went in to the office she was like wow your burning up so she took my temp and it was 103.6 than my blood pressure and like my heart rate was double what it should be so she was like what else is wrong wiht eyes hurt my throoat hurts my whole body really hurts....than i was like im not sure what is wrong but its been like this since saturday...she was like well fetch elder....she didnt actually say that....but she called the doctor and was like go get him trested for dengue...i was like what the fetch is that and why do i have to get tested for it....she was like well you have all the syptoms but one ...she asked if i have a rash i said that i know of i ended up not getting tested i just went homw and slept for an hour than wnet to my citas but that was my experience than the next day it was a lot better im not sure what was up wiht that all i know is that i received a bleesing at p day by some elders and than teh next day it started to get a lot fine now my throat still hurts a little but im fine....

ok so i am in a new area with a new companion the area is el paraiso....its zone 7 of mixco...i love it so far...i have a gringo comp named elder neilson from orange county...he is super legit i think that this is going to be an awesome change but he has some time in the area so i think that we will only be together this change that i will most likly go back to being wiht latins....but yea so im doing good.. love you

got my papers that say i go home the 11 of august...i need that info and stuff and a question all arent planning on coming down here or are you? just have to answer that on the paper.... but yea so that is something that i need to know and if i remember right i have to have the number for bishop and stake presiden.......lvoe you
elder price

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