Monday, January 24, 2011

Letter Home 1/17/2011

ok so i do have a new comp his name is elder molina i am still in the same area so that hasn't changed, its called asuncion.....its been good he is really different than elder velasquez but its only been a couple of days so we will see what happens here.....this computer is being retarded so im not sure if it will let me send pics but we will see what happens......ok so i ate this stuff i forget what its called but it was like bbq but it was some part of the bone, and i don't understand why but the gringos for some reason eat a lot more variety than the latinos...they always say that they don't like it but we just eat it if we like it or its frustrating when that happens and stuff even the members say that gringos eat better and different things we are more willing to try new that is you
elder price

well you always can relate the most random things to something good......that is a good analogy. not sure why anyone would want to do that geocaching...but i guess that there are a lot of people in the world who say the same thing about the church right......good analogy...

so this week elder ballard comes....also with him will be bishop burton of the presiding bishopric so that should be legit...I’m looking forward to that, it’s going to be on Thursday and so that will be awesome...

right now we are preparing an activity. we are going to de the iron rod and have members and inactives and investigators do the iron rod and then talk about how important it is in our lives to always be faithful and that should be good that is next week so we will see what happens with that....but it takes some time so we will see if we have the support of the members...we are going to be inviting a bunch for that this week so that no one can say that they didn’t know about that will be pop hope that you are doing good and that you are helping out the misisonaries in the ward, because i know what its like to have a ward mission leader who doesn't help i have had some luck in my mission with some leaders...they are all not the most you dad..
elder price

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