Thursday, January 6, 2011

Letter Home 12/27/2010 Pictures He's sent home

what happened with Caleb??? was he mad and if so why i feel bad I'm not sure what i said i knew that he would be quiet but he was like not even saying anything.....

OK so I'm not sure what is happening...i was talking to some of the guys here mainly elder moorhouse. and we were thinking of coming back to Guatemala in December so i need to work and save up some money because if i don't come back right away than i probably wont make it back if you know what i mean.....but I'm not sure what is happening and i have some time to think about it not a lot of time but i don't know what i want to study or anything like that, i need to do a lot of thinking and praying over the next few months so i can have some what of a plan when i get home....but I'm not too worried about it....are you on right now???if so let me know...Love you

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